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Artistry in hand protection, from yarn to fingertips excellence

  • Crafted with precision, our gloves embody safety in every loop.
  • Yarn-knit strength, shielding hands with utmost care.
  • Comfort meets resilience in every meticulously knitted stitch.

Customize your colors, your style and function


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HPPE yarn offers advantages including high-strength, abrasion resistant, and lightweight etc. Wrapping with glass fiber and steel to achieve the A2 to A6 anti-cut requirements.
Nylon yarn offers a versatile combination of strength, soft, durability, flexibility, moisture management, colorfastness and dyeability. Wrap with spandex yarn, making the liner more flexible and fit the hand.
Polyester yarn offers advantages such as affordability, high strength, abrasion resistant, moisture absorption and quick drying, it's also easy to clean and maintain.
Carbon Fiber
Depending on the manufacturing process, carbon fiber can exhibit electrical conductivity, so the liner has the function of touchscreen, carbon fiber yarn is also renowned for its strength-to-weight .
What is the gauge of the glove liner? Which gauge is required to meet the product requirements?

– The gauge of liner is typically determined based on the requirements and usage sceneries of the product. We can provide various gauge including 13G, 15G, 18G etc., to meet different product needs. Different gauge affect the comfort, flexibility, and breathability of the gloves.

What are the options for the coating types of the gloves? What are recommended coating types for different working environments and requirements?

-We can offer various types of coating, including sandy nitrile, smooth nitrile, foam nitrile, PU, crinkle latex and foam latex etc. Depending on your requirements and usage environment, we can recommend suitable coating types. Eg., nitrile coating is suitable for oily enviroments, while PU is suitable for applications that require better flexibility and tactile sensitivity.

How is the abrasion resistance of the gloves? Are there any relevant test reports or indicators available?

-Our gloves undergo rigorous abrasion resting to ensure excellent abrasion resistance. We can provide relevant test reports or indicators to verity abrasion resistance, ensuring the quality and durability of the products.

What is the grip performance of the gloves? What are the characteristics and advantages of the grip performance of the gloves for different working scenarios?

-Our gloves have excellent grip performance, providing good grip and control. For different working scenarios and requirements, we can choose different types of coating to achieve better anti-slip effect. For example, nitrile coating typically has better oil resistance while latex coating provides better wet grip performace.

What safety gloves certificates do you have?

-CE test reports and CE certificates.

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